Acute injuries – sprains, bruises, strains

The light bruises, strains and sprains can lead to mild or moderate pain and swelling. This acute injuries can be treated at home with resting, ice pack and nicoflex medi forte cream which accelerates the recovery. For mild injuries the usage is recommended twice a day. It is important that nicoflex medi forte cream can’t be used in opened wounds and sored skins. Rub it gently because in the case of the upper epidermis damage it can tingle.

Sport injuries – sprains, strains

Minor injuries can happen during sport activities or muscles can be over loaded.

Products that causing hyperaemia can be used excellently for muscle loosening. This effect is exactly triggered by the capsaicin containing nicoflex medi forte cream.

For warm-up

The warm-up goal is to bring the muscles and circulatory system to “operating temperature” state. The proper and regularly performed warm-up / stretching allow better performance and reduce the risk of potential damage. The nicoflex medi forte cream can improve the warm-up process.

The cream contains a substance (capsaicin), which increases the blood supply in the smeared area due the rubbing.

After using Nicoflex it’s very important to wash hands thoroughly. Avoid contact with eyes!


Nicoflex medi forte cream is a preparation for external use in case of sprain, muscle pain, muscle strain and tendon inflammation thanks to its capsaicin and ethyl-nicotine active substances. During its effect the blood circulation of the covered skin area increases. Due to its muscle relaxant effect the risk of injury and overload is reduced. Application is recommended before trainings and also prior to serious physical strain or muscle work.

Application: Spread a thin layer of cream on the skin. Apply once a day during the first three days, then twice a day (morning and evening). Preparations with the effect of hyperaemia are excellent for relaxing muscles, just like Nicoflex medi forte cream containing capsaicin. Rub 3-4 cm long stripe of the cream into the skin in case of sportsman massage.

Warning: Avoid contact with eye, mouth and other mucosa area. Rinse the eye, mouth and/or affected mucous membranes with plenty of water in case of accidental contact. Contact your doctor or pharmacist, if eye irritation does not get better. Do not use the preparation in case of hypersensitivity to the ingredients, or in case of particular inflammatory processes, open injury, eczema, damaged skin, excessive redness, burning sensation and in case of other skin-diseases. Use of this product is not recommended during pregnancy and lactation. Do not use the cream on the whole body! After embrocation skin redness, warming and at the same time mild hip feeling starts up which is to be gradually phased out in an hour. Thorough hand washing with soap and warm water is necessary after applying the cream.




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